Construction Promotion Ideas Costing Under $500

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Construction Promotion Ideas

Construction Promotion Ideas

Do you wait for a new customer to contact you? If your rivals are not doing so, why should you?

Several construction contractors use this approach to advertising and marketing: ‘Our customers find us in telephone directories and contact us’. Others feel that they only have to pay for a lead generation service, but they continuously seek that next big project.

This is understandable; building things is what contractors do. Contractors do not do much fancy advertising as they feel that it is for the large brands having considerable budgets. The above is not the right mindset to have. Marketing is potentially fun, and it is effective in relation to cost; the only thing is that you should be slightly creative.

In this digital era, there exist several ways of promoting your business venture and building relationships with prospects. You can discover sources of knowledge for marketing and other promotional activities throughout the internet, and you must do it. These are basic marketing strategies that require some amount of time from you, and they offer great returns.

Besides the basics such as your social media and website profiles, we would like to share some ideas you may execute in your construction contracting enterprise. Some ideas will not require you to spend any money.

Before listing these out, we wish to bring up an important thing. Building relationships with leads to make yourself the preferred construction contractor among them is the objective of every construction marketing effort. With this in mind, let us delve into the following ideas list.

Tokens Of Gratitude

Showing your present clients that you are grateful to them will increase the chance of them referring you to other people. How much and how big an appreciation you should do, will vary according to the form of item you offer them, but you should at least send them a handwritten note of thanks. Personalize it, and never put your construction business card in it; remember, this is no opportunity to explicitly promote.

Add a small memento to it to take the promotional measure to the next level. For instance, when doing big commercial property construction, make a full-time photographer capture the finished building. Then, have it framed and provide it to your customer.

Are you a part of the residential real estate market? If yes, you could offer customers a tiny decoration matching their finished construction project. Consider the number of times those customers will bring your name up when their visitors ask, ‘Who gave that stunning piece?’

Referral Programs

These are an excellent way of showing gratitude to your current customers for silently referring you to others. You need not make a fancy point reward system or something similar to it to perform this. Deliver somebody a gift voucher for a good meal if he or she plays a part in bringing you a new customer.

To cause the referral program to be very effective, give customers a way of providing value to other people. Cause them to feel as if they are insiders who can aid their loved ones in getting an offer that favors them. An enterprise formed a program in which they offered existing customers referral cards which made the recipients eligible for discounts on their real estate project. After every single referral, they did not forget to thank the customers for the act of referring to them.

Community Events

Taking part in a regional community event or two is another great way of having exposure to the target audience. The events tend to require individuals to sponsor these, which is potentially expensive. Take another approach and provide an in-kind contribution or an additional solution. You possess the knowledge and skills that event coordinators could exploit, so provide your services to them in return for having your name placed in their events.

In community events, you can see a few creative businesses exploiting the opportunities to promote their ventures there. For instance, think of a pet shop doing a promotion with a dog bar at the venue, whereas a landscaping business offering not only trash cans but also after-event cleaning services. Like these two businesses, you can also have good exposure through the event for an affordable cost.

Demos And How-To Instructional Sessions

Contractors have several pieces of advice and trade tricks up their sleeve. If you also have these, sharing the details could aid in building your trust among individuals. Consider what your loved ones ask you always; get ideas about the things you can share with others with these questions.

After having a set of ideas, think about the way in which to share these. In several outlets, you can offer to freely conduct small talks or mini-exhibitions on those matters. You can frequently find home and garden events that seek individuals who are ready to do a few how-to sessions for the shows. Speak to local shops and volunteer to team up with them in the events.

Neither do you have to make some fancy presentation/large display, nor you have to be a specialist to perform this. Having the knowledge that other people could benefit from, is the only thing that will make a difference here. Share the knowledge to generate relationships with prospective customers before these leads know that they require your services.

Free Consultations

Promoting Your Business Venture

Promoting Your Business Venture

While this expands on the earlier idea, it pays more attention to an experience involving direct interaction. You being a contractor should know what individuals must think about when changing the structure of their shop, residence, or restaurant. So, promise to help somebody in the first phase of the project and guide him or her in arriving at the right choices. Make some marketing details and spend about 30 minutes with somebody to aid him or her in dealing with important issues.

Almost all contractors do this somewhat. When approaching a prospective client’s business location to talk about a commercial project, you may offer that lead many tips. Instead of doing it, provide the consultation much before the client starts to shop around for contractors.

Offering that free consultation will be beneficial for somebody who seeks to work with a contractor, as well as other people. Contractors are usually the third party that prospects would contact. The first party is usually a bank, whereas the second is a designer/architect. Contact these two parties and provide your consultation in the form of a service that adds value to them. The banking institution in your area may provide free construction-related consultation in the course of the loan procedure.

The above is a list of some creative means to promote your construction enterprise when on a budget. Keep in mind that the objective is to make relationships with prospects. Be creative, and discover which other ideas are possible for you to produce.

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