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Retail Customer Experiences

How To Make Retail Customer Experiences More Memorable?

Many entrepreneurs are looking towards giving a much better retail experience to their customers these days and most of today’s discussion on retail innovation is related to the digital experience. Many experts believe that the retail industry has put a lot of faith in new technologies. When it comes to […]

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Customer Service Tips

The Rise Of Mobile Payments

The use of mobile phone payments has been growing over the past decade and the cumulative payments are expected to reach well beyond $721.4 by the end of this decade. Back in 2012, the number was $163.1 billion. What Is It That Consumers Use Mobile Payments For? In a December […]

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Retail Omnichannel Strategy

3 Ways To Kick Start Your Retail Omnichannel Strategy

An annual survey found out that 53% of consumers want to feel unique and recognized on a personal level across all of the channels that they use. At the same time, a study by Bloomberg showed that retailers don’t place personalization at the top of their marketing priority list; in […]

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Recruiting The Best Talent

Guide To Recruiting The Best Talent And Retaining Them

The success of a business is determined by three factors; control of costs, growth of revenue, and talent management. If you succeed in managing talent, you can automatically achieve the revenue targets and cost control goals. The talented people that you hire, train, develop, and retain will ensure that the […]

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Employee Hiring

How To Make Your Hotels More Attractive In The Winter?

Winter is not a good time for the hotel business because of less leisure travel, which will lead to less occupancy. Many of the hotels around the world even close down during the winter. However, there are several cost-efficient simple ways that may help you in making your hotel more […]

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Staffing A Small Business

Ways To Grow Your Business Locally

Being a business owner means that you must be charismatic and create a positive impact in the lives of those who cherish your services; much like a politician but without the facade of deceit. You may know of many businesses like restaurants that have sound operations, their balance sheets look […]

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Retail Merchandising

Retail Merchandising: How To Make Sure That You Attract The Attention In Your Store

Retail merchandising is the organization of merchandise in brick and mortar retail stores, in such a way so as to engage the shoppers and inspire them to purchase more than they previously planned on. The aim of retail merchandising is to increase sales and profits, and a credible retail merchandiser […]

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Ways To Save Money

How to Boost Sales in Today’s Economy

Today’s salespeople have it rough, owing to smaller deals and sales cycles that are longer than before. There is also the fact that customers have so many products and services to pick from. It may seem difficult to sell for those above-mentioned factors, but it should not be the case. […]

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Fund Your Retirement Plan

5 Pitfalls Of Computerised Book Keeping And How To Go Around It

Computerized bookkeeping systems have much to offer in terms of time-saving, better organization, and ease of accessibility. There are a few services that are devoid of drawbacks when doing business, but the same cannot be said when it comes to computerized bookkeeping. Finding your way around technology enhancements, external environments […]

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Merchant Cash Advance

A Beginner’s Guide To Merchant Cash Advance

The lifeblood of every business is capital as it cannot progress without capital. Without it, business flourishing is likely to be beyond your capacity. You may need to be able to make the next big move, but in what way can you finance this endeavor? What if there is no […]

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