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Human Capital

Are You Spending Your Human Capital Wisely?

The ones on your team decide whether your restaurant venture makes or breaks. As an owner, you play a central position in which the people are who are in your team. You decide who converses with customers and guests. Many business owners overlook this seemingly negligible important detail, but they […]

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Profit-Centered Business Person

3 Ways Of Always Being A Profit-Centered Business Person

When operating a small enterprise, you can easily find yourself thinking too much about your daily life activities. Whether you schedule, fulfill orders, balance the budget, or render services, there can be no more room for something else due to overwhelming hours. This can easily cause you to mistake being […]

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Business Metrics

3 Very Important Business Metrics To Keep Track Of Every Single Day

If you are the owner of a small business then you would agree to the fact that there are many things that demand your attention and time, on a daily basis. Most of these things are to stop your business from spiraling out of control. If you are in it […]

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financial health

3 Must Do’s For The Financial Health Of Your Small Business

One of the important attributes of a financially healthy business is cash flow. This is not a challenge that is limited to any one particular sector or industry. If a business is to operate and last, it needs to have the cash flow to reinvest into the business and pay […]

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